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Katie Green creates and tells stories with the hope that they will bring people closer to one another and to the environment.

Katie Green grew up listening to her grandfather tell stories on the front porch of his home in southwestern Virginia. Today, Katie lives in a wooded New England town and travels near and far to continue the storytelling tradition. Katie tells traditional tales and myths and original stories in schools, libraries, and museums and at special events. Katie Sepia Glossy

Known for her skill in finding the heart of a story, Katie brings characters to life with her voice and movement. Whether she is telling an original story or an ancient tale, listeners are drawn close by her wonderful voice and graceful gestures.

A graduate of Case Western Reserve University, Katie holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence in speech and language pathology. Before becoming a full-time storyteller, Katie practiced speech pathology for ten years in a medical setting and for twelve years in public schools, where she was a leader in the local chapter of the Massachusetts Teachers' Association.

Twenty years ago, while teaching a class for children with language-learning disorders, Katie would spend time each day reading to the students. One day, she couldn't find the book she had planned to read, so Katie decided to simply "tell" the story. The children's response to the story changed the way Katie taught, and storytelling became an integral part of her lesson plans. Today, research is confirming that exposure to storytelling facilitates and enhances children's literacy.

Katie Green believes that every person has a story to tell. She has organized storytelling venues in Central Massachusetts and volunteers her time to the storytelling community. She is a past president of the League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling (LANES). In 1998, she received a National Storytelling Association Service Award. And hundreds of educators have taken her storytelling course at Fitchburg State College in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Katie is listed in the Massachusetts touring roster of performing artists. Funding is available for her performances and school residencies through Creative Ground, the Massachusetts Cultural Council or the New England Foundation for the Arts.