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Essays and Stories from Katie's Life:

10/14/07  I Love Fall

09/27/06  The Garden

02/06/06  Takin' My Breath Away

01/05/04  Christmas Travel

05/22/03  Rhyme And Reason

10/22/02  My First Halloween

05/20/02  Always Leave a Place Nicer

11/08/01  Tulips and Guinea Pigs

10/02/01  Hearing of September 11

Thinking and Writing about Storytelling:

11/27/11  Realizing the Value of Old Books

11/10/09  About Worcester Tellabration

05/11/09  Meet Mrs. Mary Rowlandson
The Story Behind the Story

10/11/08  Why Stories from Vietnamese Elders?

02/06/06  Recreating the Art of Storytelling

09/27/06  Little Mermaid

09/10/99  The Prince